Friday, May 15, 2015

Latest Updates to DartMan and WebSite

The following updates have been applied to DartMan and the website:

DartMan v2.2.1.10


  • DartMan now receives and displays notifications if the server shuts down for any reason
  • Updated the Feedback form to require a valid email address if a player is not logged into DartMan
  • Added a KeepAlive.log file for full logging of all Keep-Alive traffic received to help with network investigations
  • Added indicators showing connection to online status: Offline, Connecting or Online. When Online, the number of online players is also displayed.
  • Chat messages sent in game to the remote player are only displayed locally when the Chat message Ack is received. This is confirmation that the remote player actually received the chat message.
  • DartMan now saves pics of checkout attempts >130 where the player has a dart at the double.
  • Added a button in the Connect tab within Options for players who have forgot their password

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bugs when saving images in some situations.
  • DartMan now reconnects to a player during a game, if the connection is lost for any reason.
  • The WebCam display in the top left of the screen is now hidden for non-online games, as the current player's webcam is displayed in the main area.
  • The score board in the My Dartboard screen is now updated when playing a local game against a player or the computer and using the webcam.

DartMan Website


  • Added two new record types - "Highest Three Dart Avg" in games of 5 legs or more, and "Best Checkout %", where the player has thrown 5 darts or more at a double in a game.
  • Updated the SubmitFeedback service to take an email address as a parameter, so that there is an ability to contact the feedback submitter if they aren't a logged in user.
  • Added a KeepAlive.log file for full logging of all Keep-Alive traffic received.

Bug Fixes

  • Links to games from the Records page now also bring you to the correct set, if there are more than 1 sets in the game
  • Fixed a bug which meant that user's forum account details weren't synched properly with their DartMan profile.
The DartMan application will update automatically when next started. Please provide any feedback, comments or suggestions in the comments below.

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