Wednesday, April 1, 2015

DartMan and Website Updates

DartMan v2.2.1.9 released!

The following changes have been applied to DartMan:


  • Improved performance of sending image data over UDP sockets for video streaming
  • Added option for configuring size of UDP image packets, to provide ability to adjust to a best setting per user. The default setting is 1200 bytes.
  • DartMan now logs the NatType returned from the STUN Server, to enable further work on troublesome NATs getting online.

Bug Fixes

  • Non-active clients and game requests are now cleared down in all situations, fixing issues with connecting to a player after cancelling a previous request.
  • Fixed a bug which caused an InvalidOperationException when setting the remote image received.
  • Fixed a bug which meant that your online opponent's scores weren't being called out on your PC if sounds were enabled.
DartMan will automatically update itself when restarted.

WebSite Updates

The following changes have been applied to the DartMan website:


  • Added ability to view your stats in the Stats Page based on the Start Score of a game (usually 501), if you have played games other than 501.
  • Added a column of stats for the date range selected on the Stats Page.
  • The DartMan Server now notifies clients if it is shutting down for any reason.
Please report any feedback, issues or suggestions via the comments below, our contact page, or our Facebook or Twitter accounts.