Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Practise Games - Cricket Added!

Due to popular demand, I've started work on adding practise games to DartMan. The first of these to be added is Cricket.

To start a game of cricket:
  • Open DartMan
  • Click the Practise Games tab in the Game Setup section
  • Select the players to play
    • You can add new players to the list by entering their name, and clicking Add Player to List
  • When you click Start Game, the cricket screen will be displayed:
  • The player who's shot it is now, will be highlighted in blue.
  • The current shot number (1st Shot, 2nd Shot, 3rd Shot) will be highlighted.
  • Click the appropriate buttons corresponding to the player's score.
    • If a player misses in a single shot, click No Score
    • If a player misses in all of their shots, just click Submit Scores to submit empty scores for each shot
    • The next shot number will be highlighted. To go back to change a shot, click the corresponding box - the highlighting will change to indicate that shot will be logged next.
  • When all three scores are entered, click Submit Scores to log the scores.
    • The next player will be highlighted.
  • Scores are tallied after each time that Submit Scores is entered.
  • When a player has won the game, a message will be displayed to indicate this.
  • Click Restart Game to start another game with the same group of players.
    • Check the Randomise Player Order box to sort the player order randomly.
As this is a new addition, please provide any feedback or report any issues you may encounter. Hope you enjoy it - Happy Christmas from the DartMan team!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Website Updates

The DartMan website has been updated with the following changes:


  • Updated the Games List page (stats/games) to show player usernames instead of their real names
  • Updated the Recent Games list on the right side of the home page with a button to toggle the display of computer games in the list.
  • Updated the player Stats page to show the most recent games played by the player, and most recent records achieved by the player. There are also links to show all games by that player (view all…) under the Recent Games list.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug on the stats page which showed 'NaN' (Not a Number) in the some figures, instead of 'n/a'
  • Fixed a bug which meant that changing the dates in the Stats page, and clicking Refresh Stats had no effect - the results shown were the same as previously. This is now corrected.
  • Fixed bugs which meant that changes to the filters on the games list page were not reflected properly when the Refresh button was clicked.  This is now corrected.