Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Practise Games - Cricket Added!

Due to popular demand, I've started work on adding practise games to DartMan. The first of these to be added is Cricket.

To start a game of cricket:
  • Open DartMan
  • Click the Practise Games tab in the Game Setup section
  • Select the players to play
    • You can add new players to the list by entering their name, and clicking Add Player to List
  • When you click Start Game, the cricket screen will be displayed:
  • The player who's shot it is now, will be highlighted in blue.
  • The current shot number (1st Shot, 2nd Shot, 3rd Shot) will be highlighted.
  • Click the appropriate buttons corresponding to the player's score.
    • If a player misses in a single shot, click No Score
    • If a player misses in all of their shots, just click Submit Scores to submit empty scores for each shot
    • The next shot number will be highlighted. To go back to change a shot, click the corresponding box - the highlighting will change to indicate that shot will be logged next.
  • When all three scores are entered, click Submit Scores to log the scores.
    • The next player will be highlighted.
  • Scores are tallied after each time that Submit Scores is entered.
  • When a player has won the game, a message will be displayed to indicate this.
  • Click Restart Game to start another game with the same group of players.
    • Check the Randomise Player Order box to sort the player order randomly.
As this is a new addition, please provide any feedback or report any issues you may encounter. Hope you enjoy it - Happy Christmas from the DartMan team!