Thursday, January 21, 2016

Move to Web-based

In August 2015, due to the difficulty in getting video streaming working for 100% of users, the decision was made to redo the DartMan application as a web application, that is accessed online in your browser (Google Chrome, Firefox etc). This is now accessible via

As a result of this, the Windows DartMan application will not be updated again. All the focus will be on this new site where you can play games instead.

Since Augsust, in summary, the following updates have been made:

  • Moved online play to new web site
  • Online play with embedded video available for the following game types:
    • x01
    • Cricket
  • New Lobby
  • Moved the site to HTTPS
  • Added emoticons to the lobby
Work is ongoing to continue to improve the DartMan web site. On the list of thing to add are:

  • Play against the computer
  • Connect/Login/Register with Facebook
  • Ability to create groups of players and leagues
    • View statistics specific to the groups/leagues
  • and more...
If you have any suggestions, please add them to the below.