Saturday, June 20, 2015

DartMan v2.2.1.15 Released

DartMan has been updated, with the following changes:


  • The Scores Screen can now be moved anywhere by dragging it while holding the left mouse button down on it.
  • The Scores Screen will now always open on the non-primary display.
  • Empty chat messages are no longer sent.
  • Improved STUN Server connectivity by using IP Address initially, and only falling back to DNS resolution if that fails.
  • The Checkouts table and Players table are loaded from local cache first, then refreshed after from the database, to improve loading time.
  • DartMan now notifies you if you've beaten your best 3 Dart Average or Best Checkout % records after a game.
  • DartMan now shows a player's records when they are selected in the player list (Online or Local game screens).
  • Removed the My Web Cam view from the Remote Player's Webcam screen to improve performance - there is no need for it.
  • Set the FPS to send to remote player to 6 (was 8), to try improve performance
  • Changed the interval for checking messages awaiting Acks from every 0.4 seconds to every 1 second.
  • DartMan now opens the external port on the router if UPnP is working for every connection it establishes.
  • Refreshing the OnlinePlayers list is now done asynchronously to ensure no lock up of the application if it takes longer than usual for the service to return.
  • Updated the Refreshing of Online Players, so that the currently selected player in the list does not get reset/changed when players are refreshed.
  • Added logging of available WiFi networks and signal strength, as well as the currently connected SSID. This information will be logged periodically, as well as when a client connection times out for any reason.
  • After successful configuration of port-forwarding via UPnP, DartMan stops looking for UPnP devices on the network.
  • When Feedback is submitted, the current log file is uploaded also.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that could cause an unhandled exception if you tried submitting a score before a game is started in Cricket.
  • Fixed bug in package which meant log4net configuration wasn't included
  • Fixed a bug that handled situations where there were duplicate entries in the FriendConnections table
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the server to distribute a GameFinished message if a player disconnected from online and wasn't involved in a game.
  • Fixed a bug that meant the web cam wouldn't display or get used properly when using Direct3D methods. Reverted to standard painting methods to correct this.
  • Fixed a bug that meant DartMan would need to be restarted after one successful Web Cam game, in order to be able to set up another one.
DartMan will automatically update when restarted. Please provide any feedback in the comments, or via the contact page on the website.