Tuesday, November 18, 2014

DartMan v2.2.1.5 released!

DartMan has been updated to version with the following changes:


  • Added ability to edit the display name in the Game Screen
    • This is possible only for non computer players, in offline games only.
    • Double-click the Player Name to edit it. Press enter when done.
  • Improved Computer Player logic when approaching or executing finishes. The Computer player attempts smarter choices now, dependent on how many darts they've thrown so far in the current turn. For example:
    • If the computer has 188 remaining and one dart left, he will aim for Treble 18
      • Single 18 leaves 170, which is still a finish.
    • With 50 remaining, and more than one dart, the Computer won't shoot for the bull, however if it's last dart he will shoot for bull.

The following updates have also been applied in the interim versions between this and version


  • Added a Frames Per Second option to control how many video frames are sent to the opposition player's computer in online web cam games. This should help allow players adjust video to a satisfactory level.
  • Added notification for a failed connection to the server. In these instances, logs will be uploaded to the server for my analysis.
  • Player states change if a local game is started now, no longer just Online games

Bug Fixes:

  • All game requests and rejected/cancelled, and existing games are quit if a player shuts down DartMan
  • Fixed a bug in the UDP hole punching code which meant that hole punches were not sent for as long a duration as the other client would be listening for them.
  • Fixed a bug that meant connection to server was lost when the player starts a local game.