Wednesday, August 13, 2014

DartMan released!

DartMan has been updated with the following changes:


  • Clicking the highlighted player's name in the Online Lobby will open their stats page on the website.
  • Records are now shown to the user again when a player beats their best leg and/or high checkout. This was broken in the last few releases. Also, an optional sound is played when this occurs to further alert the player.
  • The Test Camera button is now disabled while there is an online game in progress. This is because clicking this button during a game could result in issues with the live video feed to the other player.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed scenario where the video stream was too large to send to the remote player. Now, if too high a resolution is chosen for the webcam, DartMan will automatically reduce the resolution until a suitable one is found for streaming video.
  • Fixed a bug which caused users to go offline and online any time any setting was changed and saved.
DartMan will automatically update when restarted. Please provide feedback and suggestions in the comments, or via the Contact page on the website.