Sunday, December 15, 2013

DartMan v2.0.0.18 Released

DartMan v2.0.0.18 Released

DartMan has been updated with the following changes:

  • Additions/Changes:
    • DartMan will now display a notification when a player breaks a record:
      • High checkout
      • Best Leg
    • Added the display of High Checkout to the game statistics
    • Moved the Computer Throw screen to the top of the screen, so that the scores grid is not blocked when the computer is throwing
  • Bug Fixes:
    • The sounds path setting can now be set and saved to any path. Previously changing this did not have any effect.
    • Fixed the automatic selection of default players in the New Game screen
    • After playing a game, DartMan will restore your previous player/game settings when you return to the New Game screen
    • Fixed a minor bug which could result in games involving non-registered players being saved to the database. these games would not display correctly on the website however, as at least one player was not registered.
    • Fixed a bug which could result in an uncaught exception if the arrow key was used to move cell during a game against the computer in some scenarios
    • Fixed an unhandled exception caused by clicking the autoscore buttons when the score grid was disabled (at the end of a match)
    • Fixed a minor bug which caused the Computer Throw screen size to be incorrect
DartMan will give the option to update when run next.
Please provide feedback in the comments.


  1. Gyday Hynsey
    You posted on Darts nutz that your lates version is now has online play, could you please explain how to activate this feature as I must be missing something.

    Also I am having trouble with finding the out shot suggestions as I do believe that they are available.

    I would also like a link to the dartman webpage directly from the game, plus a look for update option

    Thanx G

  2. Hi DirtyG,
    The latest version hasn't been released yet :) I'm just finishing it up now, and am hoping to release this weekend.

    The shot out suggestions are not present in the application yet - these will be added in a future release, hopefully not too far from now.

    I can add a link to the web page - that shouldn't be a problem. Is there any particular page you want to navigate to? I am adding a feature which adds a menu item for each game played, and clicking that menu item brings you directly to the game page showing leg details, and statistics. Is this what you are looking for?

    DartMan automatically checks for an update when it starts - this feature is automatically implemented.

    Let me know if you have any other suggestions or comments.

  3. Thanx for your reply
    In regards to the link I sort of wanted it to add new player, so an add or register new player link would be great. Come to think of it I was looking at other peoples stats and I noticed a member that resided in Perth (where I live, small world). Curiosity got the better of me and I tried to hunt him down on book face but the list was long, so maybe a contact or poke a member option.

    Cheers G