Thursday, November 7, 2013

DartMan v2.0.0.14 - v2.0.0.16 releases

DartMan has been updated with the following updates:

  • DartMan v2.0.0.14

    • Contains minor fixes and background changes

  • DartMan v2.0.0.15

    • Fixed a bug which would cause the checkout darts and checkout score for a computer player to be zero when
      • They threw first
      • They won the leg
    • Fixed the display of checkout percentages not be fractions of 1
      • a checkout percentage of 83.55 percent was previously displayed as .8355
    • Fixed a bug which meant that the displayed stats for a computer player were incorrect
      • Note: This only affected the displayed stats in the application - the stats saved in the database, and shown on the website were still correct
    • Fixed a bug which meant that the calculation of First Nine Darts score for computer players was wrong, until the human player entered a score

  • DartMan v2.0.0.16

    • Minor bug fix
These changes are a required update, so DartMan will automatically update itself the next time it is launched. Please provide any feedback/comments you may have, here or in the contact page on the website.